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Why you should visit Croatia?

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The more appropriate question is why wouldn't you?

Croatia is a relative newcomer to tourism which means the landscape is still unspoiled by the masses.

You will usually find cheap flights from most major European cities; as such it is very easy to get to/from while in Europe.

Late spring/early summer, the shoulder seasons, in Croatia, is a great time to explore the country, especially as its location is perfectly situated around the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean.

This is just the right time to enjoy the magic Croatia has to offer without endless lines of tourists. Sit and sip a glass of local wine on one of the numerous ancient squares, eat without the long waits for unavailable tables or enjoy a simple handmade ice cream from one of the many, many ice cream merchants. With its unique location, deep cultural roots, and incredible history … it’s a must-see.

PS.The Croatia trip is divvied into a multi-series as there is just too much to tell you about in one post. Keep checking back regularly for upcoming posts!

Croatia - Part 1.0 (Split / Dalmatia, Routes of Ancient Cultures)


Split is one of the more exciting cities to visit in Croatia, with a wealth of cultural, historic and natural attractions to enjoy - it is a typical Mediterranean town; vibrant, charming and fun.

The Old city of Split is one of the oldest in the world, and let me tell you it is authentic!

A quick visit to the town square, the boutiques and restaurants (which are often literally built into the palace walls) mingle a contemporary ambiance with a rich sense of history.

The narrow cobbled streets of Split guard a great range of cultural treasures and ruins, be eager to explore the meandering alleys, enjoy the beautiful architecture and try out quaint little eateries that dot the city and serve fabulous local dishes.(Keep reading to find out where we stayed and ate on this leg of the trip.)

Meandering alleyway - Split - Croatia

A must-see are Diocletian's Palace and Cathedral of St. Dominus.

St. Dominus Bell Tower - Split - Croatia
Bells - St. Dominus Bell Tower - Split - Croatia

The Dalmatian menu has a major focus on fresh and seasonal quality.

A quick visit to Split's most famous markets are testament to that. Split has many charming restaurants and wine & olive oil bars. Enjoy a Dalmatian-style meal of the finest seafood or the juiciest steaks.

One place in particular that I enjoyed was "Bokeria" - an innovative, and contemporary restaurant, the interior is trendy, staff is friendly, and ingredients are super fresh. I had the fillet mignon, pommes frites, that came served with asparagus aioli. Brilliant!!


The Split seafront promenade, Riva, is the heart of the town, a place of style, sun and relaxation. The locals call it "Laganini". There are few cities in the world where the waterfront is packed most of the day, every day.

When there is all this stylish relaxing to do and people watching to be done, one has to wonder when locals find time to work at all.

Riva Promenade - Split - Croatia

Split is, in my opinion, one of the most attractive cities in Europe, rich in history and served by excellent road links to other parts of Croatia, making it equally ideal for a short or long break away or better yet a road trip.

This is exactly what my hubby and I decide to do.

Next location we visit, on the Croatia trip, is the Kvarner region, this includes Rijeka + Opatija + Ljubljana (Slovakia) and so much more ... next post coming right up.

Me (Cora) with view of Split Harbor - Split - Croatia [photo courtesy of B. Ketcheson]


Ul. Andrije Kačića Miošića 2, 21000, Split, Croatia

What I had to say: “Lovely boutique hotel tucked away just on the outskirts of the walled city. Very comfortable and well-appointed room, with balcony. Excellent breakfast and cappuccinos. Staff super friendly. Especially Ivan, he had so many great suggestions for restos.




Cosmijeva ul. 2, 21000, Split, Croatia

What I had to say: “We sat on the patio to have the best possible view for people watching, but the interior is spacious, modern and warm, at the same time the ambiance is cool and very hipsterish. The cuisine merges traditional Mediterranean flavours with an innovative twist.

Ul. Petra Svačića 2, 21000, Split, Croatia

What I had to say: “Delicious handmade ice cream. Great creativity in flavours. Couldn't believe the prices - such great value. The best ice cream for real.



"Ožujsko Pivo" pale lager style beer. Earthy and floral hops on the nose with a distinguishable dough-like malt aroma. Luck was not on my side where the wine department was concerned. I drank mainly rosés or sparkling wines as they compliment foods relatively well, are light & refreshing and won’t they won't set you back too much money.


Split Yacht Club - Split - Croatia
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